Refrigerant Analysis

Identifying your equipment contaminants will help you to reduce equipment downtime, improve on system energy efficiency and prolong equipment lifespan. Vemac provides door step refrigerant sampling collection and refrigerant analysis services to lower your maintenance and repair costs.

Based on AHRI-700 standard, Vemac is able to identify your refrigerant contaminants with recommendations before it leads to a host of problems including cross contamination, high head pressures, capillary restrictions and acid formation which may result in equipment serious damage.

The report generated by Vemac lab contains:

  • Numerical data on the refrigerant sample
  • Recommendations and comments


Refrigerant Analysis Vs Oil Analysis

AHRI-700 Standard In-House Laboratory

It is advisable to identify your refrigerant contaminants during annual shutdown before it leads to a host of problems.