Restoring Chiller Efficiency and Prolonging Equipment Lifespan

Many Chillers suffer from reduced efficiency and the excess oil in refrigerant is one of a major contributors to poor aircon equipment performance. High refrigerant contaminants like moisture, acids and particulates could lead to serious equipment failure.

Compressor manufacturers have discovered more than 95% of compressor burnouts and failures are related to contaminated refrigerant or dirty systems. If these contaminants are not completely removed from the system, you are eventually running the risk of damaging your equipment.

Contaminants Impacts

Cross Contamination
Reduce Equipment Efficiency
Cause Damage to Equipment

Reduce Equipment Efficiency (up to 15.5%)

Reduce Equipment Efficiency
Acid Formation
Ice Formation

Non-condensable Gas
Reduce Equipment Efficiency
Cause Damage to Equipment

Acid & Particles
Cause Serious Damage to Equipment

Excess oil in evaporator contributes to chiller efficiency loss:

Most air conditioning and refrigeration systems compressor oil will accumulates gradually in refrigerant through migration after long hour of running.  This oil fouling build up on the metallic walls of the refrigeration tubing reduces the chiller heat transfer and cause a loss of efficiency.

This loss will continue to accumulate unit equilibrium is reached between flow force and adhesion (surface tension).  At this stage, the oil boundary layer formed has achieved its maximum thickness and resulting significant loss of efficiency.  The efficiency degradation may reach somewhere above 15%.

Identifying and Removing

It is advisable to regularly test your Chiller refrigerant during annual shutdown.

Vemac provides one stop service to test your equipment refrigerant, refrigerant reclamation and chiller internal decontamination (Flushing) to restore your chiller efficiency and prolonging its lifespan.

Restoring Chiller Energy Efficiency, Reducing Downtime and Prolonging Equipment Lifespan 

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