Vemac is specialised in used refrigerants recycling and reclamation to tackle the rising of climate change and Ozone depletion. We have delegated teams of in-house engineers and technicians to perform proper recovery, recycling and reclamation of used refrigerants from all types of air-conditioning systems.

Our used refrigerant reclamation activity has been recognized and supported by the National Environmental Agency (NEA).

Recovery and reclamation options include used refrigerant buy back service, refrigerant banking, disposal, onsite reclamation and refrigerant analysis services.

Vemac has the facility to reclaim all types of refrigerants (CFC, HCFC & HFC), including 4 series refrigerants such as R404, R407 & R410.

Reclaimed is not recycled 
Reclaimed refrigerant is often confused with recycled refrigerant, but they are vastly different. Recycling is simply reduces refrigerant’s contaminants without meeting any standard. Whereas for reclaim is to purify and process refrigerant to meet ARI-700 purity standard which is the same standards required of virgin/new refrigerants where there is virtually no difference.

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AHRI 700 Standard Refrigerant

Reclaimed and manufactured in Singapore, our used refrigerant reclamation facility is approved & licensed by National Environment Agency (NEA).

Our Commitment
Committed to offer superior quality refrigerants that excel in performance and reliability by ensuring all reclaimed refrigerants exceed the standard of AHRI-700 (New Refrigerant Standard)

Why use reclaimed refrigerant?
• Optimal performance due to stringent quality control and highest standard set (Hassel-free).
• Environmental friendly product – 100% reclaimed from used refrigerant
• Minimizing atmospheric emissions and reduction in greenhouse gases
• Reduction in ozone depletion
• Reduction in carbon foot print
• Reduction in the unnecessary production of new refrigerant (Less hazardous substance production)

Q: What is the difference between reclaimed refrigerant and new refrigerant?
A: Both reclaimed refrigerant and new refrigerant must conform to the standard of AHRI-700 therefore, there is virtually no difference. In fact, reclaimed refrigerants can perform better than new refrigerant due to the extensive stringent quality control methods and procedures that enables the reclaimed refrigerant to exceed the standard of AHRI-700.

Q: Will the reclaimed refrigerant damage my equipment?
A: Reclaimed refrigerant that meet or exceed AHRI-700 standard will not cause any damage to your equipment.

Reclaimed refrigerant is unlike recycled refrigerant
It is important to know that refrigerant reclamation is unlike refrigerant recycling.  Recycling process is to simply removes or reduces contaminants, while reclamation process is to process the refrigerant to meet or exceed the standard of AHRI-700 standard (International Virgin Refrigerant Standard).

SGBC Green Mark Certification

  • Resource Efficiency
  • Lowers Carbon Footprint
  • Reduces Waste & Environmental Pollution
  • 2019 Refrigerant Carbon Emssion Tax Exclusion

Claim your additional green mark by reclaiming your aircon/chiller refrigerant!